Thank You To Our Mail Carrier

For all the packages and envelopes that our mail carrier has so carefully placed in our mail box or placed by our front door, I wanted to say thank you to her. So, a mail truck thank you ornament was created.

I primarily used Spellbinder’s Food Truck and Sunday Drive collection dies to create this mail truck.

I cut two of the food truck die from an 8.5 x 11-inch sheet of white cardstock. I next cut panels that were 2.75 inches wide and scored at 3/8 inches on each side. (See downloadable PDF file of templates.)

The top of the windshield strip is .25 inches tall which is not on the template. The front panel is scored across at .875 inches and the side tabs are cut away. This forms the front slanted hood.

Glue all the panels to one of the truck pieces as shown in the photo making sure that all panels are parallel to each other and tabs are all on the inside of the truck.

Glue up a mail carrier using people dies from the Sunday Drive collection (I used the Sunday Sunset Drive for this and freehand cut the hat which our mail carrier wears.) Attach mail carrier to seat panel. (It is easier at this point to letters and packages to the seat panel at this point than to add them once the truck side is attached to the panels.)

Glue the panels to the second truck piece starting at the front and working towards the back.

The roof panels as shown on the template have tow holes punched into them for a string to tie them shut and form a loop to hang the truck from.  I had to notch my tabs to fit over the cab panel. You could avoid this by attaching the roof panels first and then the other panels.

The truck is designed to fold flat, so allow enough string to allow for it being flat.

I decorated the truck using the circle dies in the Food Truck set and the steering wheel from the Sunday Drive set. The strips were cut from some scrap strips of red and blue papers. The headlights and taillights use the smallest circle die from the Food truck set. (I used yellow glitter cardstock for the headlights.)

The “US MAIL” on the sides and the “THANK YOU” on the back were cut using Karen Burniston’s Mini Alphabet.  (I cut three “O”s glued together to make a slider on the string to help keep the roof shut.)

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Postman’s Retirement Birthday

Happy Mail! What better way to celebrate one’s birthday, than by retiring.

Retirement Bday-Front letters down

That’s what a family friend did recently when he retired after 30 years delivering mail.

Retirement Bday-Front letters halfway

This card was created using Concord & 9th’s Mail Drop die and stamp set. My husband wrote the messages on the letters since I did not have any stamps that would provide the sentiments we wanted in the small space we had to work with on the letters.

Retirement Bday-Front letters up

Inside I used an older Stampin’ Up “Happy Birthday” stamp.

Retirement Bday-inside

I used the mailbox lid stamp from Concord & 9th’s Mail Drop stamp set on the envelope flap.

Retirement Bday-Front envelope






Happy Mail

happy Mail card envelop 1

Happy mail is when you get note from someone you haven’t heard from in a while. Happy mail is opening an envelope and getting good news.  Happy mail makes you smile.

I love getting interactive cards. Not only do they stand out as different, but they make me think that someone went to a lot of trouble to design and get the mechanics right on how it works. Concord & 9th’s new Mail Drop stamp and coordinating dies are happy mail for me.

happy Mail card envelop 2

I made this test card from the set as a birthday card, but the other phrases in the set allow for creativity and customization.  Getting the slit in the correct spot on both the envelope and the backing panel took several tries.  I recommend watching this video to get it right the first time.

Long Live Snail Mail!