Impossible Boxes for Photographers

Impossible boxes come in a variety of shapes from squares to hexagons. They are called impossible because to open them it seems impossible as the lid is attached to the box base and has to be fully pushed open to retrieve what is inside the box.

I made some boxes for my photographer friends to hold some small trinkets using Helen Griffin’s Simply Made Crafts’ Hexagonal Impossible Box Dies Set for the box. The way the box lid opens reminds me of a camera lens. The box will easily hold something 3 x 3 x 2 inches.

To decorate the box, I used Lou Collins’ TEXT{ures} wavy film strip die from her Vintage Travel Collection cut I twice in black.  On one box I had the film go over the box lid edge, cutting it apart so the box could open. The other I wrapped around the box.

Here are some brands of Impossible Box Die sets:

Videos and blogs on Impossible Boxes

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