Beach Wedding Card – part 2

A destination beach wedding can be fun. This card came with the design brief for a grandmother unable to attend her granddaughter’s beach wedding. It must reflect the beach theme, be unique and have a place to hold a monetary gift either as a gift card or check.

Using Karen Burniston’s new February 2023 release which has a Beach Bar Add-ons set that converts her previously released Tiny House Pop-up into a topical hut with a thatched roof, I was able to make a beach village scene with a chapel and tiki bar hut. The new release also has a Beach Borders set that provided the flamingos and dancing crabs used on the back of the card. One other new die set in the release provides a 5×7 inch Crosshatch Rectangle and a Label used on the front of the card box.

See yesterday’s Beach Wedding Card – Part 1 for instructions on paper prep, chapel, tiki hut, flamingos and card back decorations.

Gift Card Bag:  The gift bag is cut from the same paper as the card base panels. The rectangle is approximately 5 inches wide by 4 inches tall. Fold the sides at 3/8-inch, 3/4-inch, 1 1/4-inches, 3 3/4-inches, 4 1/4-inches and 4 1/2-inches. Fold bottom 1/2-inch and measure the size of gift card and panel where it will go before trimming the top of the bag in a zig-zag pattern. Glue the three closed side tabs of bag to card panel.

Waves:  The waves are created using three corner-cut pieces of blue paper that are die-cut with the Long Nature Edges rolling hill with trees die. Trim off the trees. Using a white ink pad, rub the wave edges along ink pad edge to add the white foaming part of the waves. Glue waves over corner of card base cutting apart where the fold is on card base. Trim overhanging edges of blue paper.

Closure Band:  Because my decorative papers were thin paper, I used a sheet of double-sided adhesive to adhere the sand patterned paper to the cardstock before die-cutting the heart. The roof fringe die from the Beach Bar Tiny House Add-ons was used to cut eight fringe strips that are glued around the back edge of the heart.

The band is a 1 3/4-inch by 8 1/2-inch strip of cardstock loosely folded around the card with enough wiggle-room to slide it on and off the card. I glued the heart over the seam on the band. The back of the band is decorated with a flamingo border from the new Beach Borders set.

Box: I took two 8 1/2-inch by 11-inch sheets of brown kraft cardstock to make the box. The top is made from a 9 1/4-inch by 7 3/8-inch rectangle and the bottom is made from a 9 1/8-inch by 7 1/4-inch rectangle. Score 1-inch from all sides of each rectangle. Make tabs at the corners by cutting one side of the squares made by the transecting score lines. Glue tabs to inside.

Die-cut a label from the same cardstock using the crosshatch fancy label from the Rectangles and Labels Crosshatch set. This will be a place to put the bride and groom’s name and wedding date.

Because the card is a tight fit, the following method to add a ribbon will provide a way to pull the card out of the box and secure the box closed. Cut a ribbon 60 inches long. Place the center of the ribbon in the center of the bottom of the box with the ribbon running the length of the box.  Place card in the box. Place lid on the box with label tag over the top of the card.  

Flip box over and loop the ribbon over itself to form a cross. Flip box back over and tie a bow on the front to secure the box closed.

You now have a keepsake wedding card from a grandmother to her granddaughter that can be stored in its own box.

Thank you for reading this blog post. I hope this inspires you and makes you smile. Please like and leave comments 😊

Materials Used:



  • The Paper Studio – 12 x12 inch Paper Pad – Beach House
  • Brown Kraft Cardstock – 8.5×11 inches
  • White, Black, Matte Gold, Blue and Pink Paper and Cardstock Scraps

Pens & Ink

  • Pigma – Mircon 01 – Black
  • Gelly Roll – Gel Pen – White
  • Staples – Liquid Stix – Hot Pink Chisel Nose Highlighter
  • Mechanical Pencil
  • Simon Says Stamp – Premium Pigment Ink – White


Happy Christmas Basket

There is something magical about going to a Christmas Eve Candlelight church service on a frosty evening. That is the feeling this basket card is hoping to invoke.

This Christmas card features some of Karen Burniston’s December 2022 release die sets – Wide Woven Basket Box Card, Church School Tiny House Add-ons and Bam Box. All of the pieces were cut from two types of white cardstock with silver ink added to some pieces. Vellum was used behind the windows.

Church: The assembly of the church starts with the Tiny House base with its windows cut out while still flat. (Save the window frames to glue back into openings.) Cut rectangles of clear vellum to be glued on the inside of the church over the window openings. Trim excess vellum away from round window as needed. Coat the two roofs with glitter gloss. Coat window frames and door frame with glitter gloss. Using door die as a stencil, color door handles silver. Color the two crosses silver and glue together. Color the two halves of the tall charm holder on the church tower silver.

Assemble the tiny house as directed in assembly video. Don’t fold back bottom tabs, but rather trim off the tab on the house side, leaving the back or pointed side’s tab attached. Follow assembly video for the church tower. After adding the Bam Boxes, cut a rectangle to fit on the inside of the church to cover the other half of the church front. (This piece will stabilize the church when attached to the basket and will block light if you add LED lights.)

Wide Woven Basket: This die set makes it easy to create a rectangular pop-up basket. (Prior to this set you had to die cut an extra set of pieces to widen the basket sides and grass.

When used with the previously released Woven Basket Box Card, you cut two sets of the original size sides and two sets of the wide size sides. Follow the directions on the package or the assembly video to weave the basket and join the sides together. (I colored both sides of the ropes with silver metallic pen and then coated with a glitter gloss brush pen before attaching them.)

Adding Crossbars of Grass: The Wide Woven Basket Box Card includes the wide grass crossbars. (I cut four to make a full basket.) I trimmed away the grass leaves where the church would be. The front tab on the church is NOT attached to the crossbar, but rather acts as a guide for when the church and basket are folded closed.

Bam Boxes: To animate the basket when it comes out of the envelope and pops into shape, two small “Bam Boxes” were used. Watch the assembly video first. The church also uses two Bam Boxes. These easy to make rectangular boxes are powered by a small rubber band. (I used #8 size bands.) These go in diagonally opposite corners of the basket or church. Once glued in, the basket or church will only fold flat in one direction, so make sure both church and basket fold in the same direction. (I recommend using a heavy weight cardstock for bam boxes and letting each stage of gluing dry before moving onto the next step. I found that making a bunch of Bam Boxes at one time is useful for having some ready made to use on other projects.)

Tag, Bells, Holly and Berries: A tag is tied to the handle of the basket for a personal message. It is cut using the tag die from the Karen Burniston Tag Book die set. The bells are charms from the Church School Tiny House Add-ons colored with a silver gel pen. Karen Burniston’s Pattern Plate of Holly was coated a glitter gloss while the berries were colored with a silver gel pen. The holly leaves and berries were cut apart for decorations on the basket, tag and in the basket grass.

Sentiment: The “Happy Christmas” is from the Karen Burniston Word Set 3 -Holiday. It was cut three times from white, and the top layer was not weeded out of its original piece of cardstock while it was being colored with a silver gel pen. The three layers were glued together before being attached to the front of the basket.

Lights: I added an inexpensive string of LED fairy lights to the inside of the church. (You can find these at Dollartree and Poundland stores.) Because the lights restrict the movement of the Bam Boxes inside the church, the lights need to be removed to fold flat.

Thank you for reading this blog post. Please like and leave comments 😊

Materials Used:



  • Brazzill – 12×12 Smooth Cardstock – Coconut Swirl
  • White Heavy Weight Cardstock

Pens & Brushes

  • American Crafts Metallic Marker – Silver
  • Gelly Roll – Gel Pen – Silver
  • Nuvo – Aqua Shimmer Brush Pen – Glitter Gloss