Thanksgiving Leaves

November winds are working the last of the leaves off the trees as we go to celebrate Thanksgiving.

A fun little pop-up card using Karen Burniston dies and some thread to dangle fallen leaves from in the two open ovals. The pop-up mechanism, small trees, small ovals, and grass are from the Oval Frames Pop-up set.

The leaves and large tree are from the Tiny Trees Pop-up set. And the large oval and frame are made using the Oval Crosshatch dies. While acorns are from the Autumn Elements die set, the grass pieces are scraps from another project.

I glued two leaves together with a bit of cotton thread between them and then sandwiched the threads between two of the oval pop-up frames.

The sentiment is cut from two different shades of brown using the Autumn word set.

For a place to write a personal message, I used medium crosshatched ovals with two leaves as decoration.

As with all my cards that are sent in an envelope, I have decorated the back flap with a large oak leaf from the Autumn Elements die set.

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Materials Used:



  • Rubberneck – 6 x6 Paper Pad Double-Sided Papers 80# Cardstock – Autumn Leaves
  • A2 Brown Kraft Paper Card and Envelope


  • White Cotton Thread

A Clean and Simple Pop-Up

A simple and clean stamped card is not my usual style so I added a pop-up mechanism to make Santa fly.  The mechanism is Karen Burniston’s Spinner Square Pop-Up and the scene stamps are by Leane de Graaf.

Before assembling this card, I rewatched the two assembly videos Karen Burniston has made for the Spinner Square Pop-Up. Once I understood how to fold the mechanism, I folded it backwards from the video so that it would move its arm upwards instead of downwards.

I wanted a slimline card, so I cut a front panel with a ½ inch tab (9 x 3 ¾ inches) from heavy white cardstock. The back panel is 8 ½ x 3 ¾ inches also cut from heavy white cardstock.  The inside panel that floats up is 7 ½ x 3 ¾ inches cut from light weight white cardstock. I die-cut the mechanism and its arm (3 ½ x 1 ¼ inches) from lightweight white cardstock. The stamping was completed before assembling the card.

Stamping the trees on the front and inner panels, required creating masking papers to cover the trees that were to be in front of the other trees. The back trees are the darker color and stamped after the front tree.  A white pigment ink was used to stamp the snow onto the trees. The moon was stamped in Citrine with the crescent specks in Sunbeam. The “Winter Wonderland” sentiment is by Stampendous! while the inside “Magical Christmas Wishes” is by Sheena Douglass.

To assemble, the front tab was folded and glued on the back panel. Next, the pop-up mechanism was folded backwards and glued into the inside of the card. The arm was glued onto the square spinner as directed in the assembly video. With the card closed I positioned the fussy cut Santa’s sleigh and reindeer onto the arm top so that it would not be visible when the card was closed and played with the positioning before the glue set-up. Last to glue, is the inside stamped panel that hides the mechanism. It is glued on to the small raised platform on the mechanism.

The card fits into a #10 business envelope with the Sheena Douglass “Winter Wonderland” sentiment stamped on its back flap in black ink.

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Stamps & Inks

  • LeCrea Design by Leane de Graaf – Combi Stamps – Santa & Small Christmas Trees – 55.3707
  • Winter Woodland by Sheena Douglass, Creative Stamping, issue 62, December 2018
  • Winter Stags by Stampendous!, Creative Stamping, issue 90, December 2020
  • Memento – Fade-Resistant Dye Ink Pad – Tuxedo Black
  • Stampin’ Up – Stampin’ pad – Pear Pizzazz and Lemon Lime Twist
  • Simon Says – Pawsitively Saturated Ink – Citrine and Sunbeam
  • Simon Says – Premium Pigment Ink – White


  • White Cardstock in both light weight and heavy weight
  • Cream #10 Business Envelope

Additional Supplies:

Where the Skeletons Live

Hello, it’s Sue from the Dies R Us design team and today we are making a slimline pop-up Halloween card.

You will need:

  • One lightweight white cardstock 8 3/4 inches x 3 7/8 inches
  • One lightweight white cardstock 9 inches x 3 7/8 inches scored and folded 1/4 inch from top
  • Two black spider web paper 8 3/4 inches x 3 7/8 inches
  • Two orange leaf paper 8 1/4 inches x 3 7/16 inches
  • One orange leaf paper8 3/4 inches x 3 7/8 inches
  • Two 1 1/2-inch circles
  • Cut from House & Fence Pop-Up set
    • One green patterned cardstock platform
    • Two black fences coated with clear gloss
    • Two path stones from gray or black inked with white
  • Cut from Holiday House Set
    • Two houses complete houses including roof, trim, windows and door (I cut the door from a skeleton paper. The orange and red papers had a shiny coating on them.)
  • Cut from Tree Pop-Up Set
    • Two trees from gray paper
    • One set of oak leaves from orange sparkle paper
  • Cut from Halloween Charms set
    • One Happy Halloween from black paper
    • Three blacks from Happy Halloween oval in black
    • Two spiders from black and use die stencils and white gel pen to ink in face
  • Cut from Winter Charms set
    • One large fir tree
    • One small fir tree
  • Save trimmed strips for additional decorations

Do a practice layout before adhering pieces to front panel (I decided I didn’t want the windows boarded up if the skeletons lived there.)

Use strong red double-sided tape on the platform tabs and on the top tab of longest white card base piece. See photo for exact location of tape. Adhere the longest card base to shorter base. The tab will be on the card back.

Use Scor-tape on the decorative paper panels, placing in one the backside of panel on all edges. To make the panels easier to position, peel back tape at all corners and fold backing paper so the tails stick out from edges as shown in the photos. Once positioned where you want press down corners and then peel off backing paper on each side and press don to adhere.

Once all layers of decorative papers have been adhered to cover all four sides of card base, place the platform on the bottom inside of card with taped edges just below the case base fold as shown in photo. Hold center tab down and peel off tape from it and the two platform tabs. Fold down card base top and adhere base to it. Fold down front tab of platform to desired position. Peel backing off tape and adhere to base. Platform should pop up when card is opened. Fold the two strips cut with platform die and glue into slots as shown in photo.

You can now decorate the card. Assemble houses as shown on packaging. Glue trees to inside top panel before gluing house to pop-up piece on platform. Glue fir trees to strips on platform. One of the orange circles is glued behind the Happy Halloween sentiment on the front. Trim fence to fit the edge of platform and bend back one section to be a gate. Trim off the gate’s “foot” as it will be a catching point when the card is opened and closed. It is easier to glue down the stone path before gluing on the fence.

The finished card will fit into a #10 business envelope. (I stamped the back of my envelope with a dancing skeleton.)

Hope this fun card has put a smile on your face and provided some inspiration for your crafting. 😊

Dies from Dies R Us:

Additional Supplies Used from Dies R Us:

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A Fairy Tale Story

Hello, it’s Sue of the Dies R Us Design Team and today we are making a slimline pop-up New Home card from the castle collection by Karen Burniston.

You will need:

  • One lightweight green cardstock 9 inches x 4 inches
  • One lightweight black cardstock 9 inches x 4 inches (Or fold one 9 inches x 8 inches green piece in half instead of using two separate pieces)
  • Two starry night patterned paper9 inches x 4 inches 
  • Cut from Castle Pop-Up set
    • One large castle in medium gray cardstock
    • Two Tabbed tower pieces from medium gray cardstock
    • Six decorative large wall pieces using embossing pads from light gray cardstock
    • Two decorative small wall pieces using embossing pads from light gray cardstock
    • Two decorative tower pieces using embossing pads from light gray cardstock
    • Two decorative drawbridge tower pieces using embossing pads from light gray cardstock
    • Two decorative window tower pieces from light gray cardstock
    • Two decorative tower roof pieces from blue paper
    • Four flags from red paper
    • One drawbridge door piece from brown paper
    • One 4-5 piece of thin baker’s twine
  • Cut from Slim Flaps and Frames Set
    • Three top-fold pieces from green cardstock
    • Two side-fold pieces from green cardstock (You don’t need this piece if you are using a single piece of cardstock, folded base)
  • Cut from Mini Pops Pop-Up Set
    • Two large-angled platforms from green cardstock
    • Three small-angled platforms from green cardstock
  • Cut from Winter Charms set
    • Three small fir trees from light green cardstock (filling in hole with cardstock)
    • Two large fir trees from dark green cardstock (trimming off charm ring)
  • Cut from Princes and Mermaid set
    • One head and arms piece from skin-colored cardstock (using stencil on die and fine tipped markers color in facial features)
    • One hair piece from colored cardstock
    • One dress underskirt from dark blue cardstock
    • One dress from light blue cardstock
    • One belt from dark blue cardstock
    • One crown from gold cardstock
  • Cut from Knight and Dragon set
    • One dragon from green pearlescent paper (using stencil on die and fine tipped markers color in wings and facial features)
    • One dragon tummy from white pearlescent paper (using stencil on die and fine tipped markers color in tummy stripes)
    • One flame from yellow cardstock (using stencil on die and fine tipped markers color in flame with red)
    • One heart from red foil card
    • One knight from silver foil card
    • One set of visor, gloves, shoe tips and shoulders from silver foil card
    • One large shield from silver foil card
    • One sword from silver foil card (color handle black with a permanent marker)
    • One helmet plume from red paper
    • One small shield from red paper (Draw a cross on shield using a black marker and ruler)
  • Cut from Word Set 2 – Birthday
    • “a wish” from gold card
  • Cut from Word Set 4 – Just a Note
    • “ing” from gold card
  • Cut from Happily Ever After
    • “Happily, Ever After” from gold card
  • Cut from Nesting Circles Set
    • One circle the size of the castle from green card stock
    • One circle at least a half inch larger all round the size of the castle from blue paper

There are two ways to create the card base – one using two single side flaps in the center of the card acting as the hinge with the top black 9 x 4 piece, and the second way using a single piece folded to form the 9x 4 card base. (I will be showing the first way in photos.) Glue top-flaps to short sides of the green card base. With these flaps closed, glue the two side flaps to the center of card base. Glue the final top-fold flap to front side of the two center flaps.

Castle – Lightly ink the embossed tower and wall pieces with a grey or black Distress Ink. Folded the six score lines on the castle piece.

Adhere all decorative pieces to front and back of castle piece except for back/inside short wall and back/inside drawbridge tower pieces. (You will adhere these pieces once the castle is installed to card base so they can cover over the green and twine pieces.)

Glue tab to undecorated side of castle to form a six-side circle.

Fold both the green circle and the blue circle in half and cut along fold. Glue one half of blue circle to center of the center flaps along the center fold. Adhere the other side of blue circle to other side of fold allowing a small gap along the fold so that the card can open easily. Center the green circle pieces over the blue circle and tape the green circle at sides using removable tape. Using the pop-up die with the nubs, center the nubs over the fold or gap on the green circle and tape. Move the taped green circle with die taped to it to die cutting machine. Remove all the tape from the die and green circle after cutting. Fold up the cut tabs in the circle. Glue the green circle on to the blue circle with the tabs up.

Match the drawbridge tab to the inside of the castle and glue in place with the door/bridge open. Thread twine through top holes in tower. Adhere the solid tab to the inside of castle opposite of drawbridge opening. Glue brown door to top of drawbridge matching up holes.  Thread twine through drawbridge holes and glue to underside of bridge and then adhere bridge open to blue circle. Glue remaining decorative pieces to inside of castle to hide the green tabs and twine.

From scrap green cardstock cut rectangles to hide the blue showing from where tabs fold up. (An alternative would be to cut circle slightly smaller than the green circle of a thin paper that would mimic grass or stone of a castle floor to cover the holes.)

(If your tallest tower hangs out when the card is closed, you can trim the tower some and reglue the flag. I decided that I could live with the hint of the flag showing.)

Knight, Princess and Dragon – Assemble figures following package directions. To attach the figures and trees to the card, first glue any decorative background papers to the back of the three flaps. Layout the position of the figures and trees with angles platforms making sure none of the figures will show when the card is closed. Adhere the figures to platforms and then to the card base following the die package instructions.

Card Front – Adhere a starry night paper panel to black front card base and the other piece to the back side of card base hiding the flaps’ tabs. With card closed, glue black side of front panel to center flaps.

Secure the inside of black panel to card base with washi tape. Glue “ing” to “wish” to form the word “wishing.” Adhere sentiments to front of card.

A personal message can be added above and below the castle.

The finished card will fit into a #10 business envelope.

Hope this pop-up card has put a smile on your face and provided some inspiration for your crafting. 😊

Dies from Dies R Us:

Additional Supplies:

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A Fishing Father’s Day

Hi, it’s Sue here from the Dies R Us Design Team with an interactive Father’s Day card.

This card is made with Karen Burniston dies focusing on the Tiny Trees Pop-Up in a 3 3/4 inch x 8 3/4 inch card base. (I used a thin white card base cut 8 3/4 inch by 7 1 /2 inch folded in half and covered with four panels of 3 3/4 inch x 8 3/4 inch decorative papers.)

Cut the number of trees you plan to use and assemble using the packaging directions. Decide on placement of trees based on where they will be in the folder position. (For slimline cards the trees must be place on the center fold rather than using the offset piece which allows for trees to be added off the center card fold.) Glue down tree frames and wait until glue has set to attach trees.

Die-cut four bears (Winter Animals) stenciling through the die with a black fine tip pen the eyes, nose and mouth. Run the stenciled bears back through the machine with the embossing mat and plate for your die-cutting machine to emboss the face and bottom feet. To make a baby bear, cut the bear just below its paws and then slide the bottom piece up under the arms and trim off excess edges. Glue together. The baseball caps are made by die-cutting the engineer’s cap from the Tiny Accessories 3 die set and rounding off the puffy crown and bill of the cap. (I tried to make the logo of the recipient’s favorite baseball team on the caps.) The fishing poles are described below. Drops of Glossy Accents were added to the bears’ eyes and nose to made them standout on the dark brown cardstock.

The stream is made with a long scrap of shiny spray painted paper in blue, gold and silver that was die-cut several times using the hill die from the Long Nature Edges die set. These wavey pieces were then glued to a strip of blue cardstock and fish cut from the Camping Charms die set, were added to the stream flow. The same fish were embossed, and their eyes stenciled in black ink and then glued to a piece of string or cording which was glued to the stick charm from the same die set. The rings were all cut off of the charms.

To make the bears stand under the trees inside, a small strip of green cardstock was cut and scored to form a cube. The cube is glued to both the card base and the tree frame and then the bear is glued to the font of the cube.

Decorations to the card include one tree front with leaves and three birds cut using the dies from the Tiny Trees set, two apples from the Tree Fruit set, and a white blanket from the Picnic Elements set. The blanket could be used to write a personal message on.

The “Happy Father’s Day” was cut three times from thin cardstock using Karen Burniston’s Alphabet dies. The layers were glued together and then glued to the front of the card using a T-ruler to keep the letters in a straight alignment.

Hope this fun card has provided some inspiration for your crafting. 😊


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In-Vested Father’s Day Card

SUPPLIES Used from Dies R Us:

Other Supplies Used:

  • Textured green and blue cardstock
  • Trees and sky printed paper from Die-Cutting Essentials issue 32
  • Colored and shimmer cardstock scraps
  • Ranger Glossy Accents
  • Natural colored cording
  • Black fine tipped pen
  • Stampin’ Up – Early Espresso ink pad
  • Stampin’ Up Best Catch stamp set
  • Neenah Social –No. 10 envelope – Natural kraft

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Day 2 of Mini Challenge – Looking Up and Letting Go

Walking in the woods you smell the crisp fall air and looking up see the falling leaves swirling down from the treetops. This is the memory I hope this card evokes.

This is Day 2 of the challenge I set myself to make five cards with the Autumn Days stamp set from the most recent Simply Cards and Papercrafts magazine.

I had stamped a bunch of backgrounds with the Autumn Days stamp set from the most recent Simply Cards and Papercrafts magazine a color palette ranging from a bright yellow to a muddy red. This card uses one made with the tiny individual leaf stamps and the single tree stamp. The background was inspired by a card I had seen on by Mandy78.

The sentiment and leaves were heat embossed in a shiny black on several shades of orange cardstock, fussy cut and adhered with foam pads.

This will make a lovely Thanksgiving card with plenty of space inside for a personal note.

Using a large sycamore leaf stamp, I stamped the envelope flap in brown ink.

DAY 1 – Winter Joys

DAY 2 – Looking Up and Letting Go

DAY 3 – N is for Nuts

DAY 4 – Autumn Leaves and Letting Go




Inks/Embossing Powder


Snowy Forest Day

It’s a snowy day as you walk through the woods of white birch trees and here the red cardinals singing their sweet song, and then he appears. The majestic stag, who quietly walks to the ridge and surveys his kingdom. Finally, you come to a small fir tree that has been decorated for Christmas. You know this is your destination and the faint tune of “We wish you a Merry Christmas” hums through your head.

This is the story I hope the recipients of this card have when they open the card.

Stag XMAS-front

I fell in love with the Creative Expressions Paper Panda Forest Stag die the first time I saw it and designed my card around this large die creating a 5 ½ x 8 ½ inches card using two pieces of heavy white cardstock. I went through my dies to find a large enough opening to go behind the stag that still left a sufficient border to keep the card sturdy. I used one from the Crafters Essentials I by Kat Scrappiness.

Having scored and folded both pieces of 8 ½ x 11 inch white cardstock in half, knew I had to cut the rectangular aperture in three of the four panels. Laying out how I wanted the front of the card to look with my dies, I cut two of the panels at the same time by putting the sheet folded in-half through the die cutting machine.  Once the front and middle were cut, I laid-out how the second folded sheet of cardstock would overlap on the middle panel and traced the aperture opening onto the overlap panel. I cut this aperture with the cardstock fully open so a wide format die cutting machine was needed.

Stag XMAS-Extended wide

I didn’t have any birch trees long enough to fill the apertures so I scoured my favorite on-line crafting stores and found on my favorite discount die store Dies R Us the Impression Obsession birch trees with the tiny cardinal dies. I cut two sets of trees out from the same white cardstock as the card base. I cut two sets of cardinals (front and back) from red scrap cardstock.

To make the stag, I cut the shape three times from brown cardstock. The last of the three stags was cut from brown cardstock covered on one side with double-sided adhesive and then when the backing paper on the adhesive was pulled off I laid the piece on scrap paper and shook ultra-fine glitter over the adhesive to ‘frost” the stag much the same way you would cover an inked image to be heat embossed. The excess glitter should stay on the scrap paper so it can be put back into its storage container. Once glittered, I glued the three stag shapes together off setting, the glittered one on top to create a slight shadow.

Stag XMAS-front-CU

Being new to heat foiling, I practiced some on scrapes before using the Christmas tree foiling plate on my good paper. The Glimmer Foiling System by Spellbinders is easy to use if you watch a lot of videos on how to use the system and follow the instructions faithful. I do not recommend doing heat foiling when you are tired or in a hurry, that’s when mistakes happen.  Because the card is a large size, I had to foil the tree through the cut aperture to fit it through my die cutting machine. The season’s greetings sentiment is foiled in silver and die cut out using a dotted sentiment banner die that comes in the same Spellbinders Holiday Sentiments set. I placed scrap red cardstock behind the dots before gluing the banner in place.

Stag XMAS-inside back

Once all the elements had been cut and foiled, the assembly began with laying out how the layers would look when the card was closed. Four birch trees were glued behind the stag then the four birch trees were glued to backside of the middle panel. Then the two middle panels were glued together sandwiching the trees between them. Then the stag was glued to the front with the antlers glued to the trees.  A cardinal was laid-out on each of the tree panels and each glued down with its matching back piece glued on the back side of the trees. The “Season’s Greeting” banner was glued on the front to anchor the stag.

Stag XMAS-inside middle


Dies & Glimmer Foil Plates




Sue Small-Kreider ©2020

See the video at

Autumn Blessings

thanksgiving front

Autumn in much of North America is characterized by the browning, yellowing and sometimes reddening of leaves. The muted, earthy tones are part of the season.  Inspired by the “over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house we go” tune and by a Karen Burniston video on double pivot panel card, I made this Thanksgiving card.

To see video of this card, click here.

thanksgiving back

The card is designed to be displayed open. The personalized message can be written on the back cover.

thanksgiving inside

To see video of this card, click here.






12 Days of Christmas Trees -in 1:18

Thank you for being part of The 12 Days of Christmas Trees +1.

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Day 3 – Holly Joy

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Day 6 – Gingerbread Joy

Day 7 – Home for the Holidays-Joy to the World

Day 8 – Nutcracker Greetings

Day 9 – Plaid Joy

Day 10 – Home for the Holidays-Let It Snow

Day 11 – White Christmas

Day 12 – Home for the Holidays-Peace and Joy

Bonus Day – Topical Christmas