Father’s Day Waterfall Pop-up

Ed Fathers Day-front

This card was designed for a contest on Craftworld.com, but I had my own father in-mind as I created it. The mechanical action of the waterfall combined with the pop-up words make it feel like an early silent movie. Click here to see a short video of it.

To make the card you will need a 6 ½ x 5 inch card base, four 2 inch squares, one waterfall strip 1 ½ x 10 inches, one ½ x 4 ½ inches holding strip, and strong double sided tape 1/8 to 1/4 inches wide.

  1. Score waterfall strip at 2 5/16 inches, 2 15/16 inches, 3 9/16 inches and 4 3/16 inches. Place double sided tape below each score mark.2Ed Fathers Day- Main Strip
  2. Place tape on back ends of holding strip in such a manner as to have the center be 2 ½ inches free of tape. Adhere on card front 2 inches from bottom of card.1Ed Fathers Day-Holding strip
  3. Make a point at end of waterfall strip with out tape. Thread pointed end under holder strip making sure the taped side of waterfall strip face up when bent over as in photos and adhere all for squares to strip using tape under the score lines.

  • On a 1 by 2 ½ inch rectangle, score at 2 inches, 1 ½ inches, 1 inch, and ½ inch. Place a line of tape on one edge. Then cut into four even strips of ¼ inch wide by 2 ½ inches long. Fold into square rings adhering taped flap to form squares. You will need three of these pop-up rings or stands for the project, but if you are like me, these tiny rings fall on the floor and get lost so having an extra may come in handy.
  • Add double-sided tape to two sides of each ring. Peel tape and adhere to center of each flap as shown in photo. Slide the waterfall strip up and down to get folds and pop-up stands to work smoothly.

  • Decorate flaps using four copies of the same image on overlapping flaps, trim each image to fit each flap matching up where the image continues onto next flap. Use distress inks to “age” insides of flaps. Glue a word per pop-up ring to form “Happy Father’s Day.”8Ed Fathers Day-Pop-up Strips added
  • Compose on computer your own message for the waterfall pull strip (approximately 3 inches long) Punch a hole near point and added baker’s twine or ribbon as a pulling aid.
  • Ed Fathers Day-open

    Inside of card you can add your personal message.

    © Sue Small-Kreider 2020

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    6 thoughts on “Father’s Day Waterfall Pop-up

    1. Amazing…as usual. I’ve done waterfall cards before, but I’m dumbfounded at how you must have had to line this up. I’d love to see it in person….if we ever see each other again. social isolation is a bummer. Love this card…especially how you “aged” it.

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