Happy Hello

Happy Diamond -inside

Experimenting with new folds and materials, discovering items hidden in your stash and having the internet go down all played a role in the making of this triple diamond gate fold card.


When our internet went down one morning, I decided to experiment with my gelli plate to make some back grounds. I rounded up all my red inks and thought to play that way, but in the process of looking for the gelli plate, I found some forgotten rubber stamps on a roller. I had to try them out and before I knew it I had stamped all my cardstock. I did try to make some background prints using the backs of the stamped sheets. I only opened up one ink in a watermelon color.

Also in the morning I had made a bunch of washi tape flowers from cut petals from Park Lane and the V&A Collection, layering them onto wax paper to use at some future time.

Happy Diamond -Front

In the afternoon, I decided to try and remember how Sam Calcott on her Mixed-Up Crafts You-Tube video had made her version of a triple diamond gate fold card. Without the internet, I had to improvise, but with only one mistake, I figured it out. The key is to divide the long ways portion of card into 10 even rectangles, but I advise to watch the video for exact details and how to fold. (I used 8.5 inches x 11 inches paper. Sam used 12 inches x12 inches paper)

Happy Diamond -Back

Once folded, I began to decide on decorations. The one rolled stamp design was just the right width of the card folds, so I cut the diamond shape first by tracing it on the paper.  Using the scrapes of the stamped paper I decorated the washi tape flower centers and the belly band. For the “Hello” sentiment, I cut down a printed tag to fit.

There is space on the back side of the diamond to write a personal message.

Hoping this card brightens your day. 😊

Materials Used:





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