Victorian Trim House Luminaria

Warm and cozy is this small brick house with its white ornate Victorian trim as light streams through its windows. This is the third house luminaria in my blog posts using a battery powered candle.

Made with Impression Obsession’s house die set, this 3-inch tall by 2 3/4 inch square has slight modifications made to original two-dimensional design. I cut two of the brick house die as well as two partial die cuts with the same die to make the side walls. I cut a total of eight square windows and one arched window as well as two doors. The L shaped eaves die I cut twice from white cardstock and the twice more from thicker scrap cardstock. The ornate trim pieces I cut two from regular cardstock, but the ornate porch roof piece I cut once from regular cardstock and twice from thicker cardstock. I also cut two pieces of vellum 2 ¾ inches x 1 inch and five additional 1 inch squares of vellum.

Partial die cutting of side walls by placing die over the edge of cardstock.

I made two templates from purple scrap cardstock of the front and side of the house and using window die cuts I fingered out the window placement. Once I had the placement, I traced around the window frames with a pencil.  I cut the windows with the dies. Using the templates, I traced the window placement on to my red die-cut pieces and cut them out with a craft knife and metal ruler cutting inside the pencil lines. For the door I only cut out a rectangle where the windowpanes would be. Next, I glued the vellum pieces to the back of the red sides of the house.   

Once the vellum is adhered to the back of the window cut outs, you can turn the house pieces with their fronts facing up and decorate them by gluing on the window frames and doors. I used a gold gel pen to make the doorknobs.

For the L shaped eave pieces, I glued the regular white cardstock to the thicker scrap cardstock. I did similar for the porch roof piece, but I glued two of the thicker scrap cardstock pieces together before adhering the top regular cardstock piece.

To assemble the house sides, I laid all the pieces side by side and tape them together on the back side.

The roof is a 5 inch by 3 inch rectangle of brown cardstock stenciled with a stencil in my stash with Distress Ink and folded in the middle.  I taped the roof to inside of my house for stability.

The house and roof will fold to mail in an A2 envelope if the white eaves pieces are trimmed to fit by an 1/8 inch.

Thank you for reading about this little house. Please like and leave a comment. 😊

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