CRX – Card Recipient Experience Part II

CRX – Card Recipient Experience is a topic I’ve written on before. (CRX-Card Recipient Experience) Today I am including some some free downloads to help you with your interactive cards being displayed as you intended them to be displayed.

You’ve made a beautiful easel or double easel card that you fold into its envelope and mail off to your friend. When your friend opens the envelope and tries to open the easel card as if it were a tent fold card, it makes no sense or worse the card gets torn. To alleviate this problem why not include a small drawing of how the easel card opens and stands in the envelope as the first things your friend will see when they open the envelope.

Autumn Birthday teepee card

Teepee cards can be hard to figure out how the are to be displayed without an image of the finished card.

House Luminary

Four panel cards with elements to allow light to shine through such as a house luminaria card can be displayed several ways – as a zig-zag or as a box around a battery powered candle.

Split Slider -Vertical………………………………………… Split Slider – Horizontal

I hope this helps you as you go forward with your interactive card making. Please like and write a comment to let me know what other types of CRX issues you’ve had.

© Sue Small-Kreider 2021

3 thoughts on “CRX – Card Recipient Experience Part II

  1. I am especially loving your red Christmas house that turns into a luminaire. You put so much work and detail into all of your creations. You’re a talent!

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