A Drop of Sunshine’s Inspiration Box

Have to share some inspiration with you from a papercrafter who goes by the name Drop of Sunshine. I have been inspired by her mixed media creations, but she has shared some papers and digital kits to make things like this exploding box.

To access her free digital download that I am linking to, you need to be a member of Craftworld.com which is a free membership based site where papercrafters (and crafters in general) have a community to post and share their projects, get inspiration, and converse with crafters from all over the world.

I downloaded and printed the six sheets that make up this exploding exploding box digital kit on lightweight white cardstock. I followed Drop of Sunshine’s YouTube tutorial and only changed up the center decoration by cutting the four flower wreaths with no background into two cones, one spiral strip and one base mat. The two cones I glued one on top of the other and used the spiral to make the top of the tree. I fussy cut most of the individual rose blooms and leaves and shaped them by scoring, folding and curving the leaves with my fingers. The roses are in several sizes so the layers are largest on the bottom and the smallest on top again with folding and curving the petals with my fingers.

From scrap cardstock left from fussy cutting I made four small loops to act as ‘faux foam tape’ to raise the circle sentiments up. The other sentiment strips were curved and pleated using my fingers. I used a black pen to write the recipient’s name on one of the blank banners.

Below is all the flower and sentiments I had left over from the kit. I made the box in about two hours using only scissors, glue, ruler, scoring board and black pen.

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Please check out Drop of Sunshine’s YouTube Channel too!

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