A Riley & Simon Birthday Flip-Book Pop-up

It’s Stamp-tember at Simon Says Stamp and today it’s Riley & Co’s turn to team up with them.

Moose Riley and pup Simon have decided to do an old-style, silent video using signs to give some birthday greetings which pop-up when you pull the tab.  They wanted to show off all their dress-up accessories in the stamp set, so each image has different accessories – from balloons to glasses, ties and hats.

My card base is a top fold mini slimline card, I cut in two pieces (3×6 inches and 3×6 ¼ inches) scored and folded the longer piece into a tab to be glued over the other piece.

To make the scenes change, I’ve use Karen Burniston’s Waterfall Card die set which makes it very easy to create a flip-book style card without having to do a lot of math. (Watch the assembly video before assembling.)

I’ve added two small mini-pop-up cubes behind each image. You can use any of the small pop-up tabs from other sets such as the Frame Pull-Pop-up. (I cut mine from a thin strip of matching paper about ¼ x 1 ¼ inches, folded into five sections of ¼ inch long. Glue fifth section as a tab to make cube.)

I’ve added a zig-zag border to one of the pages to help hid the small bit of moose antler that sticks out on the left side.

Leftover dress-up accessories were used to decorate the envelope flap hinting at what’s inside.

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Materials Used:





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