Cloud Dreams

During these COVID 19 times when we all are having to be more isolated, it is relaxing to dream of traveling once again. Here is a card that depicts that dream.

This card is the second of a series to use my Ully Cat Designs’ Split-Slider Slimline template.

Split-Slider: Print split-slider template (download under Materials Used) onto light blue lightweight cardstock and then cut out the top panel and slider arm around the outer red cutting lines. (Note: The printed side of the cardstock will be the back of the panel and when assembled will not be seen.) Using a craft knife and a metal ruler, cut the top panel’s eight mini-easels on the red lines. Next, using a scoring tool, score the green and blue fold lines – green being valley folds and blue mountain folds.

Because the top panel is adhered on three sides to the card base and needs to be raised the thickness of the lightweight cardstock slider arm, place two layers of double-sided tape on the long sides and bottom of the panel making sure not to cover the red lines of the easels. A single layer of double-sided tape should be placed on each of the narrow tabs of the eight mini-easels. (If you are using tape that is wider than the tabs, trim off excess.)

To adhere the slider arm to the mini -easel tabs, first, using low-tack tape, tape the front side of the easels shut. (This will ensure that the easels are adhered to the slider arm in the shut/flat position.) Position the slider arm over the back of the panel, making sure there is at least an 1/8 inch/3 mm gap between the tape along the panel edges and the slider arm. Hold the slider arm in place and remove the backing tape on the lowest easel and adhere to the slider panel. Repeat removing tape backing and adhering each easel. Once slider arm is attached to easels, turn over and remove low-tack tape. Test the slider. You may have to help fold the easels into the fully opened position the first time to train them. Once satisfied with the slider/easels’ movement, remove panel backing tape paper and adhere to card base. (Hint: If parts of the mechanism is catching, place some clear tape over the edge that is catching such as I did with the circle on the pull-tab pictured below.)

Decorating the Easels: I have had these hot air balloon charms from Blue Fern Studios for awhile. To make the dirigible dangle, I’ve used some sturdy plastic strips cut from packaging as the posts to string the charm on monofilament fishing line. The smaller charms are on foam tape glued to the plastic strips. Clouds were embossed in dies using the embossing sandwich for my die cutting machine, then die-cut, inked with Distress Ink and then painted with Nuvo Glitter Gloss pen. Make sure you don’t glue anything that will impede the easels from moving.

Two white 1-inch circles were cut using a paper punch and glued to the circle pull-tab – on front and back side of the slider arm. A hole was punched to thread a piece of shimmery ribbon through as a pull.

More of the ribbon was used to decorate the front of the card. I was careful not to get glue inside any of the slider easels or their slider tracks.

The “enjoy the journey” sentiment charm is attached with foam squares.

Envelope: The back flap of the envelope was stamped with a Sara Davies Nautical Collection sentiment “Adventure awaits” to hint at the enclosed card is about.

I enclose a slip of paper with instructions on how to open the card. (See split slider CRX sheet download below.)

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Split-Slider Slimline Template Series:

Day 1 – Split Sea Slider

Day 2 – Cloud Dreams

Day 3 – Triple Hearts

Day 4 – A Valentine for A Baseball Fan

Materials Used:

Please note that this template is copyrighted, and Ully Cat Designs must be cited if you publish a card made using it.






© 2021 Sue Small-Kreider/Ully Cat Designs

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