12 Days of Christmas Trees – Day 10

Each day for 12 days, I will be showing card variations made with Karen Burniston’s Christmas Tree Pop-up die.  I recommend watching her assembly video before attempting to cut and assemble the pop-up tree.

For all of these cards I started with an A7 size card base (10 x 6 ½ inches), but because my die cutting machine can only accommodate 6-inch-wide pieces of paper, I had to trim the cards down to 10 x 6 inches.

Day 10 – Home for the Holidays-Let It Snow


Echo Park Home for the Holidays Collection Kit by Alisha Gordon made this card quick and easy as well as professional looking. The double-side cardstock papers in the kit make it quick to create a card base. I used the Snowflake paper (HFH73013) for the tree and Festive Chevron (HFH73002) for the card base. A large card sentiment topper for the front and stickers for additional decoration inside and out made it a super-fast card to create.


This a top fold card because of the orientation of the sentiment topper.  For the tree inside I cut two layers cut for the two taller center tree pieces so that all sides of the tree would show the green side of the paper while smaller side trees are single layer because the white side of the paper is not visible. Two snowflake stickers form the star atop the tree. The tree base was cut from a scrap piece of black cardstock The holes created by the tree mechanism cutting into the card base were pieced from the inside of the card to match the outside pattern. A sticker covers the front hole.


Follow the rest of the 12 Days of Christmas Trees with a new post tomorrow.

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Day 10 – Home for the Holidays-Let It Snow



Stamps & Ink (on envelope)



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