12 Days of Christmas Trees – Day 5

Each day for 12 days, I will be showing card variations made with Karen Burniston’s Christmas Tree Pop-up die.  I recommend watching her assembly video before attempting to cut and assemble the pop-up tree.

For all of these cards I started with an A7 size card base (10 x 6 ½ inches), but because my die cutting machine can only accommodate 6-inch-wide pieces of paper, I had to trim the cards down to 10 x 6 inches.

Day 5 – Give Joy – Holly

Giving Joy Holly-CU side view

This card was inspired by the desire to use the snowflakes and holly embellishments from Papercrafter Issue 126 Snowglobe Shaker Card Kit and mistakes I made in cutting the pop-up mechanism.

Giving Joy Holly-Front

Because I placed the die that cuts the two flaps to hold the tree stand upside-down, I ended with the assembled tree sticking out of the top of the card. To cover the half inch of tree that showed, I cut a border from Angela Poole’s Flutterfly’s die set. (Another fun pop-up card to make!). Next I cut the border apart using the top section for the front of the card and the bottom section for the back of the card. Left over pieces were used to embellish the front of the card.

I made a second mistake when cutting the two flaps into the card base. I had covered the front of the card before I had cut the flaps leaving a hole which I patched with a matching piece of holly paper and then covered with the holly and snowflake embellishments.

Giving Joy Holly-Inside

Follow the rest of the 12 Days of Christmas Trees with a new post tomorrow.

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Day 5 – Give Joy – Holly

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Bonus Day – Tropical Christmas

Click Here for video of all 12 trees



Stamps & Ink (on envelope)



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